Supplemental Resources | Virtual Mini-Sesison: Wisconsin Labor History, An Epic Story

On Wednesday, April 29th Professor David Nack held a virtual mini-session on Facebook Live discussing Wisconsin Labor History. Several resources were noted during the session and are listed below for you.  You can also view the full live stream session here and read the article written Professor Nack here.






  • Ozanne, Robert, W., The Labor Movement In Wisconsin, 1984
  • Holter, Darryl, Workers and Unions in Wisconsin, A Labor History Anthology, 1999
  • Meyer, Steve, “Stalin Over Wisconsin”; The Making and Unmaking of Militant Unionism, 1900-1950, 1992
  • Uphoff, Walter H., Kohler On Strike, Thirty Years of Conflict, 1966
  • Cramer, Katherine, J.J., The Politics of Resentment, Rural Consciousness In Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker, 2016
  • Kaufman, Dan, The Fall of Wisconsin, the Conservative Conquest of a Progressive Bastion and the Future of American Politics, 2018
  • Goldstein, Amy, Janesville, An American Story, 2017