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Customized Trainings

Whether your members need training on site, in the community, or on the UW-Madison campus, School for Workers has the expertise to address changes in today’s workforce. The class offerings have varied over the years depending on the interests of students and the issues facing labor organizations. If you are interested in arranging a class, School for Workers can help tailor a program to meet your needs. Following is a list of typical classes that are available. Contact us to arrange classes on related subjects or on topics that are not listed below.

  • Customized training options
    • Advanced steward training
    • Arbitration
    • Basic steward training
    • Bargaining: including benefits, contract language, health care, collective bargaining, interest-based bargaining, and pensions bargaining
    • Committee effectiveness
    • Computer skills for collective bargaining and union administration
    • Effective union meetings
    • Employment discrimination law
    • Ergonomics
    • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    • Financial officer training
    • High performance work systems and self-directed work teams
    • Immigration issues in the workplace
    • Internal organizing and one-on-one campaigns
    • Job evaluation
    • Labor history through film
    • Labor law
    • Labor-management committees
    • Leadership
    • Lean Production / Kaizen / 5S
    • Occupational safety / health and safety committees
    • Organizing
    • Profit sharing and other alternative compensation systems
    • Recruiting and supporting a diverse union membership and workforce
    • Sexual harassment
    • Strategic planning
    • Time study and production standards
    • Union administration, advanced contract administration
    • Unions and media
    • Warehouse production standards
    • Women’s leadership
    • Workers compensation