David Nack





headshot photo of David Nack

BA in History, MA in Labor Studies, and PhD in American History. David worked for 24 years as an organizer, business agent, director of organizing, and representative for unions in both the private and public sectors. He has taught collective bargaining, contract administration, grievance arbitration, internal and external outreach for unions, labor history, and leadership and communications classes, among others, since joining the faculty of the School for Workers. Since 2011, he has focused on organized labor’s effort to rebuild, strengthen, and re-create itself. David has also been involved in a number of labor history projects, such as producing the videos “The Birth of the School for Workers,” and “100 Years of Excellence,” commemorating the history of apprenticeship training under the auspices of the State of Wisconsin.

Film Review, “Laboratory of Resistance: Divided We Fall, written and directed by Katherine Acosta, Twelfth House Films, 2016” submitted for publication to New Labor Forum, January, 2018

“The Wisconsin Experience and the Election of 2016,” coauthored with Armando Ibarra, Labor Studies Journal, September, 2017

Film Review, “With sharp analysis, Noam Chomsky’s Requiem for the American Dream is worth seeing,” South Central Federation of Labor, Union Labor News, December 2017

Editorial, South Central Federation of Labor, Union Labor News, “UW Regents take giant step backwards on tenure,” April, 2016

“Heartbreak In the Heartland, Voices From Wisconsin,” June 6, 2012, Labor Notes, http://www.labornotes.org/2012/06/heartbreak-heartland-voices-wisconsin.

Producer and Author, “A Legacy of Excellence: 100 Years of Wisconsin Apprenticeship, 1911-2011,” produced in conjunction Wisconsin Division of Workforce Development, 2011;

Researcher and Script Author, “The Birth of the School for Workers,” 2005, produced in conjunction with University of Wisconsin Extension and Wisconsin Public Broadcasting,

Current Scholarship
Principal Investigator and Corresponding Author, working title: “Seven Years Later: The Evolution Wisconsin Public Worker Unionism Since Act 10,” research in conjunction with School for Workers faculty, and coauthored with Michael Childers, Armando Ibarra and Alexia Kulwiec. Unpublished draft, to be submitted for publication.