Image of nurse and student quote, "The faculty are great, and all the resources provided will be very helpful going forward."


Mission, vision, and values

Advancing the empowerment of working people, labor organizations, and community partners through teaching, research, and service.

Sift and winnow plaque at University of Wisconsin campus

Faculty and staff

Faculty have years of real-world experience, advanced degrees in different labor-related fields, and specialize in adult education. Most importantly, they have the evidenced-based research and practical know-how to help empower workers.

Group photo of (left to right) Angela Kron, Liz Nunez, Michael Childers, Alexia Kulwiec, Don Taylor, and Armando Ibarra standing in front of an ivy covered brick wall.


One of the first operational components of the Wisconsin Idea, the School has long supported workers, the labor movement, and industrial relations practices throughout Wisconsin, the nation, and the world.

School for Workers class photo circa 1928

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Education for workplace democracy.