School for Workers hires new faculty Lola Loustaunau

The School for Workers faculty and staff are excited to announce Lola Loustaunau will join us as an Assistant Professor and Anna Julia Cooper Postdoctoral Fellow in September.


“I am thrilled to join the School for Workers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as an institution that aims to provide continuing education to workers and conduct research to support workers’ organizations and their struggles.”

-Lola Loustaunau, Ph.D.

Lola’s work focuses on job quality, collective organizing, and the extensive impacts of low-quality precarious work in the lives of low-wage workers, especially migrant workers. As an anti-racist, feminist labor scholar, Lola takes an intersectional approach to the study of work and relies primarily on qualitative and participatory methods for research. She has a proven commitment to researching with and for workers. Lola is from Argentina, and prior to coming to the United States she earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires. Most recently, she has completed her PhD in Sociology at the University of Oregon. We are looking forward to Lola bringing her passion for teaching and collaborative research to Wisconsin.