School for Workers hires new faculty Dr. Ericka Wills

The School for Workers faculty and staff are excited to announce Dr. Ericka Wills has joined us as an Assistant Professor in June 2022.


“At this moment in history, the Labor Movement and the U.S., overall, need “Education for Workplace Democracy” as the School for Workers’ mission states, as well as the Wisconsin Idea that UW-Madison embodies. I am passionate about being part of this education and research at UW-Madison School for Workers that will help empower working families and revitalize a growing, inclusive, diverse Labor Movement, which is a cornerstone of US democracy.”

– Ericka Wills, Ph.D.

Ericka’s work focuses on building worker power, promoting union inclusivity, cross-border solidarity, and internal organizing for a variety of workers and their unions. As an educator and activist, Ericka implements a place-based approach to research, addressing the needs of workers in the context of their unique geographical locale, political climate, demographics, history, and employment sector. Her research, teaching, and activism looks outward to engage workers and local unions in larger national and international networks of labor and social movements. Ericka has a proven ability to create connections and change through her research and service. Before coming to School for Workers, she taught at the University of Colorado-Denver and the LATTC Labor Center, as well as with a variety of labor unions, including the United Steelworkers, Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, United Mine Workers, National Education Association affiliates, state AFL-CIOs, and other worker organizations. We welcome Ericka to School for Workers and are looking forward to seeing more of her inspiring activism, teaching, and research through our department.