June Virtual Mini-Sessions Announced

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School for Workers faculty will continue to stream live on Facebook every Wednesday at noon central time. Every week will focus on a different topic empowering workers to solve problems and realize opportunities in the workplace. Check out the upcoming events below! Have a question about the topic? Post your question on the Facebook Live Event page for faculty to address in the mini-session. Virtual Mini-Sessions are free and do not require registration.

Virtual Mini-Sessions | June 2020

June 03 | Q&A with Faculty

A different virtual mini-session, you bring the questions and School for Workers faculty will be available to answer your worker rights questions.

June 10 | Wisconsin Worker’s Comp

A brief introduction to Wisconsin State Worker’s Compensation law, highlighting the rights and obligations of employers and workers.

June 17 | American Health Care in the Era of COVID-19

How does American health care compare to health care in other developed countries? How did American health care policy decisions, especially on the Federal level, affect how we have fared in dealing with COVID-19? We will address these questions and briefly consider implications for American organized labor.

June 24 | Past Practice Grievances

Many of us have head the term “past practice,” but what does it really mean? We will review the three types of past practice and the five criteria for judging whether a past practice is enforceable through the grievance procedure.