Today! Labor Forward with Jaz Brisack, Starbucks union leader

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Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at noon (CT) we are welcoming Jaz Brisack, Starbucks union leader

Join us today at noon for Labor Forward Forum featuring Jaz Brisack. Jaz was a leader in successfully unionizing the Buffalo Starbucks she worked at. In September, she had to resign due to new employer policies that Jaz says were discriminatorily applied to her. The NLRB just recently determined Jaz was illegally forced out of her job. Today, Jaz is working alongside Buffalo Tesla factory workers seeking unionization. Assistant Professor Ericka Wills and Jaz will highlight the work she’s done, celebrate the progress, and discuss her unique experiences. This event is free, but pre-registration is required to receive the webinar link.


Starbucks suffers setback as U.S. officials conclude it illegally forced out union leader Jaz Brisack

Eidelson, Josh, and Bloomberg. “Starbucks Suffers Setback as U.S. Officials Conclude It Illegally Forced out Union Leader Jaz Brisack.” Fortune, Fortune, 31 Dec. 2022,

“US labor board prosecutors have concluded that Starbucks Corp. illegally forced out a New York barista who has been a key architect of the union campaign that swept through hundreds of its cafes this year…Brisack, a Rhodes Scholar who got hired at a Buffalo Starbucks in hopes of unionizing it, has been a prominent face of the labor campaign, which notched a landmark victory at her store in December 2021 and has since won elections at around 270 more across the US. Brisack has been employed as the organizing director for Workers United’s upstate New York region since October 2020, a couple of months before she went to work at Starbucks.”

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