School for Workers co-sponsors visiting scholar Kim Moody 11/17/22

The UW-Madison Havens Wright Center for Social Justice Visiting Scholars Program lecture series brings distinguished critical scholars and activists from around the world to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to deliver lectures in virtual and in-person settings. School for Workers is proud to co-host Kim Moody’s online presentation Time and Motion: US Labor in the Era of Disease, Digitization, and Disruption on Nov 17.

Kim Moody is a founder of Labor Notes in the US and the author of several books on labour and politics including Breaking the Impasse: Electoral Politics, Mass Action & the New Socialist Movement in the United States (2022); Tramps & Trade Union Travelers: Internal Migration and Organized Labor in Gilded Age America (2017); and On New Terrain: How Capital Is Reshaping The Battleground Of Class War (2017). He has a PhD from the University of Nottingham and is currently a Visiting Scholar at the University of Westminster in London. He is a member of the University and College Union and the National Union of Journalists.


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