New! On-demand institutes

Stylized image of silver gears with perspective of the line of gears getting further away. Image also includes the School for Workers logo and words Essentials for Union Stewards on-demand institute.

School for Workers is excited to announce a new, accessible, and flexible learning opportunity — on-demand institutes.

What makes on-demand institutes different?

On-demand institutes…

  1. Offer open, ongoing online registration.
  2. Allow participants to access the course 24/7 online, for up to six months after registration.
  3. Explore a series of unit topics through various readings, short videos, supportive documents, and quizzes.
  4. Are supported by university faculty, who are available for support or questions via the online platform e-mailing system.

The first on-demand institute available is Essentials for Union Stewards. Registration is now open and tuition is only $99. Click here to learn more about Essentials for Union Stewards or here to register now.