Midwest School for Women Workers | Jul 23-27

School for Workers is proud to support the Midwest School for Women Workers.

The Midwest School for Women Workers brings together working women to develop leadership skills, understand challenges and issues facing the labor movement, and learn from each others’ experiences. Held annually since 1976, the Midwest School has a proven track record of equipping women to lead effectively in their workplaces and organizations.

Common features of the Midwest School each year include:

  • Core courses on key labor rights and representation skills
  • Plenaries featuring national speakers
  • Interactive workshops on current issues
  • Leadership training
  • Networking opportunities
  • Special events featuring Midwest labor history, culture, film, arts, and activism
  • Instruction from experienced university, union, and community-based educators

The school is open to all working women in the Midwest region, with a primary focus on meeting the educational needs of women in unions, worker centers, and community groups that work on labor issues. Participants typically include women active at all levels including rank-and-file activists, elected leaders, stewards, board members, and staff.

Learn more about the 2019 Midwest School for Women Workers here: Midwest School for Women Workers 2019