Alexia Kulwiec

Credentials: JD

Position title: Director & Associate Professor


Phone: 608-262-0593


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JD, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology. Alexia previously worked as Chief Counsel to the SEIU Local 1 in Chicago, Illinois, and Associate General Counsel at the IUOE Local 150 before joining the School for Workers in 2014. She brings this experience to her work analyzing and contributing to national labor policy through her publications and brief writing as well as to the classroom. She also currently studies labor standards in U.S. agriculture and the food system. While always willing to tailor courses for local unions or other advocacy groups, Alexia currently offers programs in labor and employment law, wage and hour claims, union organizing campaigns, contract negotiations and interpretation, grievance arbitration, hearings before the NLRB, internal union governance, women’s leadership, employment discrimination, and workplace related immigration issues.

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What students are saying…

“Alexia’s knowledge is priceless in the bargaining process.”

“Alexia is very good at being flexible and adapting. She can personalize the information to the class and students.”

“Alexia offers an informal, interactive setting, combined with a presentation that is easy to understand.”


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