Don Taylor

Position title: Department Chair and Professor


Phone: 608-262-9849

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BA in History, MA in Political Science, Professional Trainer and Change Leadership certifications. Before joining the faculty, Don worked as an organizer, representative, negotiator, business agent, communications director, and education director for unions such as the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers (UE), the hotel workers union (HERE), and the Service Employees’ international Union (SEIU). He has also taught labor and employment relations at the University of New Hampshire, the University of Illinois, and Indiana University, and has served as a shop steward and local union president. He has extensive experience in union leadership development, internal organizing, strategic planning, and building organizational capacity, as well as in online education. He is a nationally recognized expert on the constitutional rights of public employees and developed the website


What students are saying…

“I feel much more confident about my knowledge and Don has given me significant resources to continue to learn and study.”

“Don listens to people’s concerns and helps.”

“Don is a great teacher. He is very thorough and makes it clear enough that even I can understand.”


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