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BS in Industrial Engineering, MS and PhD in Workforce Education & Development, SIU Carbondale. Michael joined the School for Workers after completing his graduate degrees and post-doctorate fellowship and brings diverse management and engineering experience from a wide variety of industries, including basic steel, machining, metal fabrication, and plastics manufacturing. In addition to steward, bargaining, financial officer, and leadership courses, Michael’s teaching interests include industrial engineering topics such as time study, production standards, lean production, job evaluation, and incentive & gainsharing pay systems. He also assists unions to be more effective in utilizing technology, including teaching computer skills and internet research, and has expertise in program evaluation.

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“Michael is an amazing professor! He has relevant materials, know-how, and great experience.”

“Michael did a terrific job drawing on real world experiences and working with students to share solutions with each other.”

“Michael is easy to listen to and took the time and care of questions.”


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